Pepys Street RTM Company Limited

Hot Water Tanks in Apartments

Most of the apartments at 1 Pepys Street are fitted with a Megaflo Heatrae Sadia or a Santon Premier unvented hot water tank.

Unvented hot water systems require regular maintenance in order to ensure safe working and optimum performance. It is essential that the relief valve is periodically inspected and manually opened to ensure no blockage has occurred in the valve or discharge pipework.

Maintenance checks should be performed by a competent person on a regular basis, e.g. annually

If water is seen to be flowing or dripping through the overflow cup then the Megaflo requires professional attention. Switch off the immersion heater(s) but do NOT turn off the water supply and contact a competent installer for advice.

Further advice can be obtained from Heatrae Sadia After Sales on 0844 871 1535 or

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