Pepys Street RTM Company Limited

Parking for Bikes & Cars


In order to avoid damage to internal areas bikes are not allowed inside the property. The only exception to this is fold up bikes which for reasons of security owners often wish to store inside their apartment. However, we ask that you take great care when moving your folded up bike in and out of the building in order to avoid damage to walls and doors.

All other bikes must be stored in the basement car park area using the bike racks provided. One rack is situated on floor B‐1 at the far end of the car park between bays 18 and 19 and another rack is situated on floor B‐2 to the left of the car lift.

Please do not lock your bike to pipes which could cause damage. Any bike left in the car park area should be adequately padlocked to the rack and is stored at your own risk, but we hope that the bike racks will provide a more secure means of storing your bike.

Bikes should be taken to the car park area via the car lift. If you require a remote control unit to open the car park gate please inform the Concierge and we will arrange for one to be issued. Please note there is a charge for remote units.

All bikes parked in the basement must be registered with the Managing Agent so we know which belongs to whom. When you register your bike, you will also be required to provide a photograph of the bike.


Who can use the car parking facility?

Only those leaseholders who have purchased the ‘right to park a car’ can do so in the basement at 1 Pepys Street. If the apartment is let then the tenant has the right to use the space allocated.

Under the terms of the lease it is the ‘right to park’ that is purchased and not the actual space that the Landlord allocates. The RTM company now allocates spaces on behalf of the Landlord, so if your apartment has the ‘right to park’ but do not know your allocated a space, please email

The RTM company reserves the right to reallocate spaces should this be necessary at any time.

Access to Car Park

The only access to the basement car park is via a car lift. Should the car lift fail you will not be able to enter or exit the car park with your car. It should be noted that car lifts do breakdown every so often so access to the car park will not be possible until it is repaired.

The RTM Company will do its best to ensure repairs are completed as soon as possible but there may be occasions when parts have to be ordered by the lift maintenance company so the car lift could be out of action for several days.

The RTM Company is not responsible for any loss or inconvenience caused during such breakdowns, so parking your car in the basement car park is at your own risk.

Please note that the maximum height of vehicles entering the car park is six foot three inches (6'3").

Can I rent out my allocated space?

Under the terms of your lease your allocated space can only be used by a resident of 1 Pepys Street residing within your apartment. This means that you are not allowed to rent out your space to any other person.

Can I sell my ‘right to park’?

Under the terms of the lease no individual part of it may be transferred, only as a whole. As such once the ‘right to park’ has been purchased with the apartment it cannot be transferred to another leaseholder.

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