Pepys Street RTM Company Limited

Waste Disposal

A bin store is located at the rear of the building and contains separate bins for your household recycling, general waste and small electrical items. Your recycling and general waste MUST be placed in the allocated bins and NOT left on the floor of the bin room or outside on the street.

See these notes on Waste Management whicn provide details of what can be recycled and what should be placed in each bin, as well as other waste disposal services provided by the City of London.

Please note that recycling items (except large cardboard boxes) MUST be placed in the clear plastic bags supplied. Supplies of these will be found in the bin store. Rycling placed in black bin bags will NOT be taken by the refuse collectors

Disposal of Large Items

The City of London charges for the removal of large and/or bulky items from 1 Pepys Street.

If you have large items of furniture or electrical items such as a fridge, washing machine or dishwasher to be removed there is therefore a cost associated with this. The charge covers up to three items and this must be paid directly to the City of London.

Call 020 7606 3110 to book a collection and then advise the Concierge at Recepion of the date they can expect your collection.

Please do not leave any large items in the bin store without first arranging a collection as they will not be removed and you are liable to be charged for its removal without notice.

Also, please inform the concierge at reception about what arrangements you have made and place a notice on the item stating your apartment number and which organisation is collecting it.

If you use a Letting Agent, please ensure they are aware of the City’s policy.

What counts as ‘bulky waste’?

Items such as furniture, cookers, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, carpets and floor coverings and waste contained in sacks can all be taken. Large electrical and electronic items will be sent on for recycling. The City will not take any trade, garden or building materials.

How can I pay?

Payments can be made via debit card or credit card by calling the City of London’s Contact Centre on 020 7606 3110.

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